Help Our Kelp

Kelp is the name given to a group of brown seaweeds; usually large in size, these plants are capable of forming dense aggregations known as 'kelp forests'.

Historically, kelp was abundant along the West Sussex coastline, but this important habitat has diminished over time, leaving just a few small patches and individual plants, mostly in shallow water and along the shoreline. Through the Help Our Kelp partnership, we want to bring it back!

Sussex kelp 1980 - present

Current Work

The first step towards restoration is to put some management in place. Whilst there are a number of factors which may be affecting the kelp, one manageable factor is fishing effort. The Sussex IFCA are currently proposing management of bottom-towed fishing gear in the near-shore area. The proposed ban aims to alleviate the pressure from this type of fishing on the habitat used by the kelp, giving it some breathing space to regenerate.

Sussex IFCA proposed trawling exclusion zone

Get Involved

Sussex IFCA's proposed byelaw is currently out for public consultation, and they want your support and comment.

You can find full information on the proposal here

The consultation is now closed, thank you for your support

For more information, please visit the Sussex Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority website 

Why should we help our kelp

Kelp graphic 1000

The Partnership

Help Our Kelp has been formed in partnership with the following organisations:

- Sussex Wildlife Trust
Sussex IFCA
- Big Wave Productions
- Blue Marine Foundation
Marine Conservation Society