The Nature Ranger Award

This is the highest level Wildlife Watch award. You need to be a junior or family member of Sussex Wildlife Trust and can take part in it once you have completed the Kestrel Award

To complete the Nature Ranger Award you need to study a UK wildlife or conservation topic of your choice and produce a report for Sussex Wildlife Trust to assess. Once completed you will receive a certificate, a badge, some Wildlife Watch goodies and maybe even a mention in Wildlife Watch magazine.

Nature Ranger Award
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Get Involved

STEP 1: Your project will need to be done over a period of at least six months, about an aspect of UK wildlife, perhaps a species that interests you, or a particular habitat. The idea is that by the end of your in depth study you will be an expert in this topic. To gain the award you will need to report back on what you have learnt, so you could write a report, make a film, create a PowerPoint presentation or website. Or you could organise and lead a guided event for friends, your local Wildlife Watch group, or school class about your chosen topic. 

STEP 2: We will need to assess your Nature Ranger Award work here at Sussex Wildlife Trust, so please send evidence of your final piece of work to Sue Curnock, Nature Ranger Award Co-ordinator   Please also contact Sue if you have any questions about completing the award.

Thank you for taking part, we are always delighted to see the activities you have been doing to find out about and help your local wildlife. 

For ideas and inspiration why not visit our national Wildlife Watch website

Nature Ranger Award