Hedgehog Award

The Wildlife Watch Hedgehog Award is a simple and fun way to earn an award while exploring nature in different ways. 

Complete the Hedgehog Award at Home

Calling all wildlife enthusiasts! The Hedgehog Award is a great way to develop your skills and knowledge whilst also helping your local wildlife. Have fun with your friends and family by completing eight nature-inspired activities. From spotting wildlife to getting crafty, there’s something for everyone to try.

Hedgehog award

You can choose which activities you would like to do, with some suggestions from us to help get you started. And then let us know how you get on and receive your Hedgehog Award certificate to print at home! So, what are you waiting for?

STEP ONE: Download the information sheet here.  Lots more fun activity ideas can be found here. You can also download the hedgehog award card here, which you can use to keep track of your progress. Don't have a printer? Note down your activities in a notebook. 

STEP TWOAfter you have completed all eight activities, ask a parent or carer to visit our national Wildlife Watch Hedgehog Award page and fill in the form shown there (scroll to the bottom of their page). You'll then receive your certificate to print at home!

Hedgehog Award