Reserve profile

There is a network of ditches throughout, and like Amberley, they support a variety of water plants and insects. The line of the old Wey and Arun Navigation canal can be made out, still retaining water in the southern part where it used to connect to the river itself. About half way along by the bridge, the remains of the old lock and lock keeper’s cottage can be seen.

The north side of the railway line is drier acid grassland with tormentil and heath bedstraw, but still has some wetter areas where southern marsh-orchids thrive.

The whole of the reserve is grazed seasonally by cattle, but you may also see Konik ponies all year round. The Konik ponies originate from Poland and are a hardy breed adapted to wetlands.

We have created a circular route around the reserve to improve visitor access and help with management. Although the reserve is also a Common with open access, please keep to the paths so as not to disturb the wildlife.