Our Wild Sussex

We are now in a critical decade for change to bring wildlife back and create an inclusive society where nature matters.

Now is the time for an ambitious action plan to match the scale and urgency of the challenges we are facing. This strategy sets out our vision and commitment to turning the tide for wildlife.

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Our Vision

A Sussex rich in wildlife, valued and protected by everyone.

Our strategic goals set out what we believe needs to happen by 2030 in pursuit of our longer term vision of a thriving natural world. While set out as distinct, these goals are interdependent and highly connected, and achieving nature's recovery in Sussex will require all three to be achieved.

Our Strategic Goals 2030

  1. Diverse groups and individuals take action for wildlife and wild places across Sussex
  2. Restore abundant wildlife across large scale landscapes and the sea
  3. Create climate resilient landscapes and thriving wildlife habitats

Our Priority Areas

We have identified priority areas where we will focus key activities over the coming years to make the biggest impact for wildlife and wild places.

Legend for Priority Areas map

Our Wild Sussex

In this section

Our Strategic Transformations

Addressing challenges and seizing opportunities to deliver Our Wild Sussex strategy by 2030

Our Enabling Priorities

Identifying our most important goals to achieve Our Wild Sussex strategy by 2030

Our Values

Our values will be at our core and clearly visible in everything that we do