Wildlife Courses and Walks in June 2017

24 May 2017 | Posted in Wildlife Events , Michael Blencowe
Wildlife Courses and Walks in June 2017
silver-studded blue / Nigel Symington

With the temperature soaring now is the time to get out and enjoy the Sussex countryside. The Sussex Wildlife Trust is running plenty of events in June to help you to learn more about our county’s wildlife. From the top of the Ashdown Forest to the bottom of the pools at Rye Harbour there’s something for everyone.

Our ‘Wild Flower Meadows – Creation, Management and Enjoyment’ course will tell you how to create a wildlife-rich meadow whether in the corner of your garden or a few acres of land. This popular course has sold out but we are running an extra date on Thursday June 8.

On June 10 there are plenty of options for getting out and seeing some great wildlife in Sussex. Over at Chidham in West Sussex a guided circular walk will take you past Chichester Harbour’s mudflats and saltmarshes (and back to the pub for lunch!). In the east of the county our ‘Summer Breeders’ course at Rye Harbour will help you get to grips with our resident gulls, terns and waders. The Eastbourne Sussex Wildlife Trust group are leading a walk around Castle Hill in Newhaven too.

Also on June 10 we are running a course which will take you out into the woods to explore transformative ways of experiencing and connecting with the natural world. ‘Wild Ways’ aims to give you a heightened awareness and connection with nature.

Our ‘Evening with Nightjars’ on June 15 has now sold out. The following day (June 16) our ranger will lead a walk around the beautiful Seaford Head nature reserve. We’re over at Rye Harbour again for two guided walks around the north of the reserve on June 17 and June 18. There is also a walk around another stunning nature reserve, Iping Common near Midhurst, on June 21. Hopefully we’ll find the gorgeous silver-studded blue butterflies.

On June 22 there are two chances (morning and afternoon) to join us on a guided walk around Seaford Head. The following day (June 23) we’ll be leading a walk around our Old Lodge reserve on Ashdown Forest.

Also on June 23 we’ll be staying out late into the evening for our ‘Introduction to Moths and Moth Trapping’. This course allows you to get close to some of Britain’s most beautiful creatures and helps you identify tigers, sharks, carpets and other moths.

The ‘Dragonflies and Damselflies’ course on June 24 has sold out but you can catch up with some other insects at Rye the following day (June 25) when we open the previous night’s moth trap and see what surprises lie within.

There are just a few places left on our two-day ‘Identification of Grasses, Sedges and Rushes’ course (June 30 & July 1). Also on June 30 you can learn more about the ecology and wildlife of one of our country’s most valuable habitats; chalk grassland. Our ‘Wildlife of Chalk Downland’ course is a great introduction to this fantastic, species-rich habitat.

And finally, we’ve fitted in one more chance to explore the wonderful Seaford Head with our ranger on June 30 too. Phew! – that should keep us busy and you certainly have have no excuses for not getting out and exploring our wonderful county in June.

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