The Queen’s Green Canopy

, 01 June 2022
The Queen’s Green Canopy
Mark Monk-Terry

We are delighted that our Ebernoe Common nature reserve is featured as part of the Ancient Canopy to be dedicated to Her Majesty in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Patron of The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC), has unveiled a nationwide network of 70 Ancient Woodlands and 70 Ancient Trees to be dedicated to Her Majesty in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee.

To mark the launch, The Prince of Wales recorded a video message under one of the Ancient tree dedications – the old Sycamore at Dumfries House in Scotland. His Royal Highness said:

“…I am delighted to have the opportunity to launch this project in the grounds of Dumfries House under the majestic branches of this old Sycamore, which pre-dates the very House itself, having grown from seed more than 420 years ago. Planted in 1599, during the reigns of Queen Elizabeth I and King James VI, it is remarkable that this ancient tree is as old as Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Caravaggio’s David and Goliath.

These working woodlands and magnificent trees span our nation’s amazing landscape and exist for everyone to enjoy. The Ancient woodlands and trees can be found in urban as well as rural environments, from National Parks to residential areas, representing the unique diversity of all corners of the United Kingdom.

Trees and woodlands have a profound significance for us all – their steadfast and reassuring presence a reminder of our long serving Sovereign and her enduring dedication. Let us ensure that in her name we can now protect and strengthen this wonderful living Canopy for the next seventy years and, hopefully, way beyond. And, above all, let us ensure that future generations can celebrate and enjoy them.”

Established over hundreds of years, these irreplaceable habitats are rich in their natural and social history and ecology and have formed the backdrop to important moments in the history of our four nations. All have a unique story to tell – some are famous specimens, while others have local significance as natural wonders throughout our neighbourhoods.

Silver-washed Fritillary © Paul Marten

By sharing the stories behind the Ancient woodlands and trees, as well as the incredible efforts that are made to protect them, The Queen’s Green Canopy aims to raise awareness of these treasured habitats and the importance of conserving them for future generations.

The Ancient Tree dedication marks the start of a long-term project to propagate material to ensure that the genetic resource and unique characteristics of some of the UK’s most important trees is preserved.

Ebernoe Common nature reserve has recently been expanded, thanks to the generosity of our Sussex Wildlife Trust members and supporters, with the addition of Willand Wood and the Warren.

Autumn at Ebernoe Common © Nigel Symington
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  • Craig Wilson:

    All woodlands are my ‘happy place’, and ancient woodlands have deep character and history heaped on top of the beauty and tranquillity of being surrounded by trees. I hope to visit many of these sacred places in the years ahead.

    02 Jun 2022 10:19:00

  • maddy:

    Good to see this happening, let’s hope more initiatives will be forthcoming, along with preserving the ancient woodland we have!

    02 Jun 2022 10:23:00

  • Elaine:

    I started to fill in the donation form in memory of my late husband, but when I s\aw there was nowhere to state his name, I cancelled my application

    03 Jun 2022 09:06:00

  • Sussex Wildlife Trust:

    Hi Elaine, thank you for your message. Please visit this page to give in memory. thank you.

  • Toni Hazle:

    Our hamlet at Trulls Hatch Rotherfield East Sussex is planting a medium sized (potted) oak tree tomorrow at our Jubilee party. We would like to register and dedicate it for the Queens’ Canopy but can we still do this please? We understand the official planting season was preferable but we’re saving ‘our tree’s for our special Jubilee gathering.
    A speedy reply would be most appreciated 👍 Thank you.Toni Hazle.

    03 Jun 2022 12:23:00

  • Sussex Wildlife Trust:

    Hi Toni, if you contact the Woodland Trust they should be able to help you.

  • Gillian Brown:

    I am very happy about the Green Canopy, but as I am no longer able to drive I find it almost impossible to visit these places nowadays, and also to search on-line as my vision is poor. An enlarged hard copy route map for access and public transport links would be wonderful

    05 Jun 2022 16:36:00

  • Ann Griffiths:

    Excellent news – wouldn’t Alf and Iris Simpson have been delighted ! A great tribute to all their efforts over the years.

    06 Jun 2022 11:02:00

  • Sussex Wildlife Trust:

    We couldn't agree more.