That looks like fun!

, 23 February 2019
That looks like fun!
© Iain Millar

By Iain Millar

Gatwick Greenspace Partnership volunteer

Having enjoyed our wonderful parks and woodland for many years I came across many footpaths that were overgrown and boardwalks that needed repairing and thought that was something that I could do. 

In Tilgate Park I saw a group of people cutting back and burning rhododendron which had taken over large areas of the park and thought – that looks like fun!

That was over 15 years ago and I was right. I joined the Gatwick Greenspace Partnership volunteers and learnt how to do coppicing, hedge laying, building boardwalks, bridges and fences, met like minded people and enjoyed fresh air and exercise.    

I have many other commitments, but this is not a problem as with the Gatwick Greenspace Partnership you just turn up when you are free, so it is compatible with my other activities. 

The programme is published twice a year and we work in many parks and woodlands in the Gatwick area that I did not know existed.

This is a great way to keep healthy, getting exercise and fresh air, but, to be really honest, I do it because I enjoy it.

Oh, and you get a free cup of coffee and a biscuit!

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