Stay Wild

, 27 July 2017
Stay Wild

By Lisa Cullingworth

Guest blogger

When I joined up to 30 Days Wild in April, I also connected with the social media community. The first thing that struck me about the group was the diversity of its members and how willing everyone was to help others by sharing information and experience. By the time June arrived I was receiving a constant feed of beautiful photographs, nature stories and comical posts which brought a smile to my face on a daily basis.

30 Days Wild has reignited my passion for nature and wildlife photography and daily acts of wildness have become second nature now, it is amazing how much more observant of the natural world I have become. I found that I was subconsciously challenging myself daily… I went on wild walks, chose different paths to work and lay down with nature to see life from different perspectives, I found my creativity making sun prints from found items and researched fauna and flora to increase my knowledge.

One of my more memorable acts of wildness was joining a guided walk with the Sussex Wildlife Trust and Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. Having lived in this part of the country all of my life I have just recently started to see how much of the natural world around me I have yet to fully explore. Living on the coast it is easy to focus your attention on the sea and beaches but I am also very privileged to be surrounded by amazing countryside and conservation sites, one of which is only a short drive away. It was an opportunity to get away from the usual chores and spend an informative and interesting day out in the countryside.

The walk brought to my attention the work of the Trusts and highlighted how much of the work is relied upon by donations, so in my last act of wildness for June I paid for my partner and me to become joint members of the Sussex Wildlife Trust. This membership is the start of us getting out more and will open up opportunities for exploration of the wonderful county we live in.

You can check out Lisa's nature and wildlife photography on my website ‘A reflection of Your Heart


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