Rye Harbour

Discover our wildlife in a mosaic of coastal habitats - shingle, saltmarsh, saline lagoons, coastal grazing marsh, freshwater gravel pits and reedbeds. Explore its changing coastline and military history, or simply enjoy a walk beside the sea.

Enjoy our amazing wildlife along many miles of path with five birdwatching hides accessible to wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

We were voted Britain’s favourite nature reserve in 2016 in the third annual LandLove Magazine Awards - see more here. One of the most important conservation sites in Britain, Rye Harbour Nature Reserve has been recognised as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a Special Protection Area for birds under the EU Birds Directive, a Special Area of Conservation under the EU Habitats Directive and a Ramsar site that takes account of its importance as a wetland on an international scale (click here for details).


Try visiting us using public transport (click here for details) and perhaps bring a bike to explore the whole reserve and wider area.

Please use the local food outlets (click here for details) to support our local businesses.

Plan a stay in the area and discover other wildlife sites (click here for details)


Introductory Leaflet with map - download by clicking here.

Events and Guided Walks - download our What's On 2018 leaflet by clicking here.

Coastal Flowers at Rye Harbour - download by clicking here.

Common Summer Birds at Rye Harbour Leaflet - download by clicking here.

Common Winter Birds at Rye Harbour Leaflet - download by clicking here.

For more downloads see out section Publications and Reports.


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News from Rye Harbour

    • A Precarious Lifestyle

      A Precarious Lifestyle

      Babington’s Orache is a low growing plant that has a precarious lifestyle, growing in the mobile shingle below the line of the winter storms

    • The Showman at Camber Castle

      The Showman at Camber Castle

      This was one of the events to raise awareness and funds for the Rye Harbour Discovery Centre Appeal - it raised just over £2,000.

    • Management for Bumblebees at Rye Harbour

      Management for Bumblebees at Rye Harbour

      Over the last five years we have been managing some of our grassland for bumblebees, and every year between May and August we have also been counting the bees to monitor the effects.

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