National Marine Week 2017

, 27 July 2017
National Marine Week 2017
rock pooling / Miles Davies

By Sarah Ward

Living Seas Officer

Saturday 29 July marks the beginning of National Marine Week – a time to appreciate our wonderful marine environment and to take action to help tackle some of the issues it faces.

The theme of this year’s Marine Week is ‘The Sea and Me’, offering an opportunity to reflect on your own individual relationship with the sea and the coast – whether you’re someone who is a regular user of the marine environment, or an occasional visitor.

Perhaps you go to the beach to find a moment of calm, taking in the fresh sea air and the soothing sound of the waves. Maybe your local seaside spot is the go-to place for summer holiday activities - exploring, paddling or building sandcastles (or rock piles!). Maybe the sea offers you the opportunity to get active as a swimmer, boarder, kayaker or Scuba diver.

For me, the marine environment is all those things and more.It’s a place for relaxing, discovering, learning, and – most importantly – a place to get my toes wet (or as many of us like to call it, getting a good dose of vitamin sea!).

We’d love to hear your stories and why you love the marine environment. You can share them with us on social media using the hash tag #TheSeaAndMe – don’t forget to follow us on social media to see our Marine Week updates!

And if you’re stuck for inspiration, you can join us on one of our Marine Week activities here in Sussex:

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