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  • Where did barn owls live before we built barns?

    Where did barn owls live before we built barns?

    In our human-centric way, we create human solutions to wildlife problems – problems which are generally caused by humans in the first place. Fran Southgate argues that we need a bit of a conservation brain retrofit.

  • Behaving like beavers

    Behaving like beavers

    Our Sussex Flow Initiative Project Officers are mimicking what our ancient natural ecosystem engineers, the beaver, would have done naturally.

  • Self-willed Wildlife

    Self-willed Wildlife

    The notion of self-willed wildlife is emerging at the moment. It is, in effect, a trusting that nature knows what is best for itself, and a handing back of the reigns to nature.

  • Rewilding in Sussex

    Rewilding in Sussex

    Watch Dr Tony Whitbread, Sussex Wildlife Trust’s CEO, talks about rewilding at the Knepp Estate in West Sussex, on BBC Breakfast.