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  • Invasive Species Week 2015

    Invasive Species Week 2015

    Invasive species out-compete, predate on and displace native plants and animals, can cause damage to infrastructure and buildings and can increase the risk of flooding, costing millions of pounds worth of damage each year.

  • My Work Experience Week

    My Work Experience Week

    Samuel and Harvey joined the Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Gatwick Greenspace project for a week of work experience. They worked hard on practical tasks, with Nature Tots and Youth Rangers. Find out how they got on in their own words.

  • June Wildlife Sightings

    June Wildlife Sightings

    Warm weather in June brought out the dragonflies and hummingbird hawkmoths. Wildlife sightings in June 2015 from the Gatwick Greenspace Partnership

  • 'Wild Woodies' Summer Holiday Clubs

    'Wild Woodies' Summer Holiday Clubs

    Sussex Wildlife Trust is leading fun-packed outdoor activity days for children across the county throughout the summer holidays in Henfield, Brighton, Crawley, Seaford and Rye.

  • Inviting the inverts

    Author Kevin LerwillGatwick Greenspace Project Community Wildlife Officer aquatic invertebrate shelterQuite often we are asked by private landowners and local authorities to give advice, or to help improve, the many ponds and larger lakes in our
  • Seeing Red

    red admiral / Arthur HoareAuthor Tom ForwardGatwick Greenspace Partnership Community Project Officer..or perhaps more like various shades of red/orange, but the point is that while spring is firing up with a vengeance, daffodils
  • Greenspace invader

    himalayan balsam / Kevin LerwillAuthor Kevin LerwillGatwick Greenspace Project Community Wildlife OfficerOne of the most important jobs for us to tackle each Summer is trying to control the spread of himalayan balsam (Glandulifera
  • Watch the birdie

    Young blackbirds / Jani PritchardAuthor Jani PritchardStudent placement with the Gatwick Greenspace ProjectI just completed two weeks of work experience with the Gatwick Greenspace Partnershipat Tilgate Park, and it

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