Kelp Summit

The Sussex Kelp Restoration Project Kelp Summit was held in November 2021, thanks to funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Speakers include: Prof. Juliet Brodie (Research Leader and Merit Researcher in Phycology at the Natural History Museum) Dr Cayne Layton (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Tasmania), Prof. Pippa Moore (Professor of Marine Science, Newcastle University) & Dr. Dan Smale (Marine Biological Association) and the Sussex Kelp Restoration Project partners.

Other speaks include: Sarah Cunliffe , Tim Dapling, Dr. Jen Lewis, Dr. Raymond Ward, Dr. Chris Yesson, Morven Robertson, Catrine Priestly, Paul Brewer, Sarah Ward & Kate Whitton, Nikki Hills, Ella Garrud, Alice Tebb, Sophia Bolton, Sophia Pinheiro Vergara, Henri Brocklebank and Sally Ashby.

Talks and Presentations

Kelp - UK and International

Hear from the experts - What is kelp and why is it so important both nationally and globally?

Sussex Kelp

Find out about the research that the Sussex Kelp Restoration Project have been conducting to establish baseline data.


People and coastal communities are at the heart of the project and are actively involved from championing the underwater world to contributing to critical citizen science.

Kelp Summit