Volunteering FAQs

Here is our frequently asked questions associated with volunteering. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact, our Volunteer Development Team: [email protected]

Q. Do I have to know a lot about wildlife to be a volunteer?

A. No, our volunteers come from all backgrounds with all levels of knowledge, from complete beginner to expert. While some of our roles require specific knowledge or skills, many other just need enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference

Q. Do I have to volunteer regularly, say once a week?

A. No, if you are looking for a regular volunteering opportunity that may be once a month, could be once a week – it depends on the role

We are looking at creating a new flexi-team to cater for people with busy lives, who would like to help but are not in a position to make a regular commitment. These roles will give you the opportunity to give help when we need it and you have the time.

Q. What about health and safety for volunteers?

A. We take the health and safety of everyone involved with the Trust very seriously and it is important for us to ensure that you are safe whilst volunteering. Please read the Volunteer Handbook to get an overview of Health and Safety Procedures at the Trust. You will be briefed by your leader on specific areas to the task you are undertaking

Q. Can I claim expenses?

A. Yes, we reimburse travel expenses for volunteers. We ask that any expenses claims are agreed with us in advance and where appropriate e.g. parking are accompanied afterwards with a receipt.