Getting started with ponds

Half of the UK’s ponds disappeared in the last hundred years, and many of those that remain are in a poor state. By adding a pond to your garden you could be making a big difference to the survival of many species, especially amphibians. Adding water to your garden could attract a huge range of wildlife including frogs, newts, dragonflies, damselflies, grass snakes, birds, hedgehogs and foxes. As well as attracting wildlife, your pond will be a wonderful place to spend time, relax and learn about wildlife.

Plants and animals will colonise your pond naturally. In fact, some of the most interesting wildlife may only be attracted to newly created, open ponds. However, if you want a quicker outcome, think carefully about which plants you choose to put in your pond and read through our guidance.

Ponds can be made at any time of year but will establish more quickly if created in the autumn. This allows the pond to fill with water over the winter period and settle in time for spring, when a range of animals can benefit from the new habitat.

A pond can be any shape or size but to benefit the most wildlife watch our video explaining how to make a great wildlife pond.

Posted in: Ponds on 30 April 2015

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