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Winter Birds in Sussex

Broadcast 21 January 2021

James Duncan talks about winter birds in Sussex.

Whilst winter may seem a quiet time for birds, the surprisingly mild and predictable conditions in Sussex make it extremely attractive to a whole host of migratory visitors.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 8

Broadcast 16 December 2020

The Sussex Wildlife Team are back to talk about winter wildlife highlights from across the county inspired by your stories and photos. 

Winter Thrushes

Broadcast 13 January 2021

James Duncan talks about the six species of thrush which can be found in the UK, some of which are resident, others migratory. Unfortunately all of them have seen a decline over the last half a century.

Join us for an online presentation to learn why winter’s such an important time for them, plus tips on identification in the field.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 7

Broadcast 16 December 2020

Join the Sussex Wildlife Team for the final Nature Table Live before we break for Christmas. James Duncan tells us whether any Waxwings have made it into Sussex, Charlotte recalls some of her more unusual WildCall enquiries and Barry reports from Rye Harbour.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 6

Broadcast 10 December 2020

Sorry, this episode is unavailable

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 5

Broadcast 3 December 2020

Join the Sussex Wildlife Team as we look back over the week and share your wildlife sightings and stories. Dr Barry Yates reports from Rye & James Duncan updates us on the Waxwing Forecast. Sarah Ward and Dr Sean Ashworth join us to talk about recent Bluefin Tuna sightings.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 4

Broadcast 27 November 2020

This week we share 4 Weird Woodcock Facts, Charlotte talks about birds and windows, Barry cycles past a Shore Lark and James photographs a Goosander. Michael becomes more confident with technology and invites Tony Cook, a frozen Woodcock and 8-year old Isla (our official bird namer) onto the webinar. We welcome John Arnott, Chichester Harbour volunteer who talks all about seals in Sussex.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 3

Broadcast 12 November 2020

Barry, James and Michael are joined this week by Sussex Wildlife Trust's Jess Price who helps us sort out our Polecats. Our Living Seas Officer Ella Garrud tells us some fascinating facts about teh Portuguese Man O' War and we welcome Mya Bambrick to the show - recent winner of the David Streeter Award for Natural History in Sussex. James keeps an eye on the sky and gives us a Waxwing Forecast.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 2

Broadcast 12 November 2020

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 1

Broadcast 5 November 2020

Bird Charmer, part of the Brighton Early Music Festival

Join James Duncan, Learning & Engagement Officer, at Woods Mill, talking about Sussex birds, accompanied by music performed by recorder virtuoso (Red Priest) Piers Adams.