Bird Song

In this series of blogs, James Duncan explores the wonderful world of bird song (with calls thrown in for good measure!) There's surely little more calming to human ears than the annual serenade of spring song. Each day, prior to the sun's appearance above the horizon, birds begin to advertise their presence, demonstrating their strength and ability in song. This serves not only to attract a mate but also to deter rivals.

Take a moment to notice the birds who break the morning silence, the Robin, the Blackbird and perhaps the Song Thrush. Enjoy the chorus as it widens, as Wren, Starling, Chaffinch and Dunnock join in. The complexities of bird song may not be easy to get to grips with, but why not take the time to learn. The satisfaction to be gained from identifying birds by song (and calls) really can't be overemphasised - it's truly a window into another world.

News from Bird Song

    • Greenfinch - Bird Song

      Greenfinch - Bird Song

      The Greenfinch is an exceedingly attractive and familiar garden bird species, but sadly it’s in serious decline

    • Song Thrush - Bird Song

      Song Thrush - Bird Song

      The Song Thrush is the most familiar member of its family to have ‘Thrush’ in the name. They’re one of just a few birds comprehensively defined by their song

    • Blackcap - Bird Song

      Blackcap - Bird Song

      The Blackcap is a distinctive member of the ‘Old World’ warblers and is certainly regarded as one of the finest songsters within its extended family

    • Deciphering the dawn chorus

      Deciphering the dawn chorus

      Wildlife expert Nick Acheson introduces some of our feathered superstars to listen out for this spring.​

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