Back Garden Bird Race

https://sussexwildlifetrust.or...Are you up for a challenge? Every month we're holding a Back Garden Bird Race. We are asking people to sit in their gardens or look out of their windows for one hour and note down all the wild bird species that they can see. Details of your sightings can be entered on our Nature Table Facebook group , into our free web app or in the comments section of the Bird Race Blog in the news section on the homepage

Whether you record 4 bird species or 40 it's a great excuse to take just sit in your garden or look out of the window and enjoy your local birds. 

The Back Garden Bird Race will return for a Christmas Special on Sunday 27 December (10-11) - and then we'll be taking a break from bird racing for a while.


Back Garden Bird Race T-Shirts are available here.

Back Garden Bird Race Rules

  1. Stand / sit in your garden or look out of your window between 10:00-11:00.
  2. Note down all the species of birds you see or hear from your garden or window. (British birds please, chickens and cockatoos don't count).
  3. That's it! Post your list on the Facebook page, Web App or in the comments section of the Bird Race blog on the Sussex Wildlife Trust homepage. 

Get your list in before 1pm and then we will post a full report of the race, with results and details of the species seen, on Sunday evening, as part of the Wildlife Diary blog.

You can read all about the previous Back Garden Bird Races here (4 April) (11 April) (19 April) (26 April) (3 May) (10 May) (17 May) (24 May) (31 May) (7 June) (14 June) (21 June) (26 July) (23 Aug) (20 September) (25 October) (29 November)

Back Garden Bird Race App

The Back Garden Bird Race has its own app here. Once there you can click on the app's I.D. Guide and you'll find photos, descriptions and sounds of 40 of the commonest birds you might find in your garden.

Here is a guide on how to install the Back Garden Bird Race App on your phone home screen.

What's also really brilliant is if you log in and use the 'Records' function you can easily create your Back Garden Bird Race list. This list will then be sent to me and your bird records will be added to the seven million wildlife records held by the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre to help us know more about bird distribution in Sussex. 

A huge thank you to Dave Kilbey of Natural Apptitude who has designed and donated this amazing app just for us.

Back Garden Bird Race ID Sheet

We've also put together an identification sheet of the commonest garden birds for you.

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