Back Garden Bird Race 23 August Results

23 August 2020 | Posted in Michael Blencowe
Back Garden Bird Race 23 August Results

The next Back Garden Bird Race will be on Sunday 20th September 10-11am

August is the quietest month for back garden bird racing. With the breeding season over for most birds, the action in the back garden dies down. Birds are no longer singing and many retreat into the bushes to moult their feathers, keeping a low profile during this vulnerable time. 

Birds were certainly keeping a low profile in my back garden between 10-11am today. It was my lowest scoring race since we started this event in March. I didn't even see a Blackbird or a Starling. Although I scored 18, I only saw 10 of the the rest I identified from some cheeps and whistles in the hedgerow. Oh, and I identified the Song Thrush from hearing it battering some snails on the neighbours concrete path. I didn't see the bird but I did see what remained of its breakfast.

Two minutes before the start of the race two swifts flew overhead. I wonder if they will be the last I see in 2020?


(Photos from Clare Mayers, Simon Linington, Sue Walton and Sue Curnock)

It wasn't just birds that were thin on the ground. A lot of our bird race regulars have flown the nest too - and are fitting in a holiday elsewhere.

Here are the scores for this month thank you to everyone who took part.

Scores august

Simon Linington sent in this month's Woodpigeon of the Month photo


Although I did manage to get a photograph of this rare Horned Woodpigeon


My local Woodpigeons are unstoppable! They're building another nest! Woodpigeons have 1-3 broods per year and they have been recorded breeding in every month except January.

Sue Curnock tried to get an extra point for this giant eagle she saw in the clouds - but also added it may be an angry fish. All I can see is a giant thumb. 

Sue eagle of angry fish

This month Andy Dinsdale moved up the bird race league tables and sent in this football-inspired interpretation of his results. Andy said:

"All birds playing were seen. All birds on the sidelines were heard. The nearer the football, the nearer to me they were spotted. Which team will win?

Andy Dinsdale

The flocks are on the pitch, they think it's all over. It is now. 

Thanks to everyone who took part, see you on September 20th!


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