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Ten bees and the stories they tell.

Broadcast 16 January 2024

A Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre Webinar presented by James Power, author of The Bees of Sussex.

In every one of Sussex’s contrasting landscapes, we’re seeing wild bee populations shift and adapt against a background of decline. Through ten species – some gone, some back after time away, some here for the first time, and one that might never have been here at all – James Power gives us a snapshot of nature at a worrying point in time.

James has been immersed in nature conservation for over 30 years. He’s worked for the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, the National Trust, Defra, the National Parks department in Malawi, and of course the Sussex Wildlife Trust, where he headed up the land management team for eleven years. He has spent the last three years writing The Bees of Sussex, a deep dive into every one of the 229 species recorded here.

Order The Bees of Sussex here

Levin Down Nature Reserve

Broadcast 12 January 2023

Join Robert Eadie, Levin Down's Volunteer Reserve Manager as he guides us through the history, wildlife and conservation of this beautiful piece of Sussex downland.

As you come over the ridge at Goodwood racecourse Levin Down stands alone – a hill covered in natural scrubby grass­land; the olive green hues so different from the synthetic emerald of the agricultural fields and viridian forestry plantations that form the surrounding landscape. This Sussex Wildlife Trust nature reserve is a Site of Special Scientific Interest; indeed the reason that Levin has so much of its wildlife value still intact is hinted at in the name, which is derived from ‘Leave-Alone Hill’.

Levin Down webpage

Sharks, Skates and Rays

Broadcast 01 December 2022

Join George Balchin from Sussex Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority along with Nikki Hills and Ella Garrud from the Wild Coast Sussex project.

The amazing elasmobranchs (Sharks, Skates and Rays) are found along our Sussex coastline - but how do we monitor their populations? From a majestic catshark to a bottom dwelling Undulate Ray, join us to learn more about these amazing species and how we can all get involved in monitoring populations through Mermaid's Purse beach surveys.

Springtime in Crete

Broadcast 17 February 2022

Naturalist and photographer, Phil Gardner will be taking us on a mooch around Crete in April, discovering the birds, butterflies and flowers on this beautiful island.

This Sussex Wildlife Trust webinar has been organised by Sussex Wildlife Trust Eastbourne members' group.

Creative Nature Writing Workshop

Broadcast 8 February 2022

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve writer-in-residence Louise Kenward hosted this online workshop to help anyone interested in linking their interest in learning about creative writing with their enjoyment of the wildlife of Sussex and the natural world around them.

An Introduction to Craneflies

Broadcast 3 February 2022

Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre online talks

Pete Boardman, the national organiser for the UK Cranefly recording scheme, will give an introduction to Craneflies and the recording scheme, and how identify a few of the 350 species recorded in Britain.

Biological Recording on Farmland

Broadcast 27 January 2022

Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre online talks

Graeme Lyons, an independent ecologist and prolific pan-species recorder for Sussex (and beyond!), talks about his experiences carrying out farmland surveys and the incredible biodiversity that can be found here.

Rewilding – A brave new idea or a re-creation of the past?

Broadcast 26 October 2021

A fascinating conversation with Professor Martin Bell, a leading thinker in archaeology and President of Sussex Archaeological Society and Dr Tony Whitbread President of Sussex Wildlife Trust.

CHASM: Crustaceans, Habitat and Sediment Movement

Broadcast 28 October 2021

A talk by Katie Searles and Sherece Thompson of CHASM

The fishing grounds near Selsey Bill have traditionally been well managed and productive. Fishing in Selsey has been dated back to the Bronze Age, while individual fishing families can trace their roots back to the 1750's, 1600's and for one family, over 1000 years. However huge changes in the fishing ground have been seen in recent years. Selsey fishermen feel there has been more change in the last 10 years than in the previous 100 years.

Adventures with a Trail Camera at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

Broadcast 21 October 2021

For many years Dr Barry Yates has been setting up trail cameras around our Rye Harbour Nature reserve and has captured some amazing wildlife on film.

Join us this evening as Barry shares some of his favourite trail camera clips and gives us a unique insight into the reserve's secret wildlife.

This Sussex Wildlife Trust webinar has been organised by Sussex Wildlife Trust Eastbourne members' group.

How do we live in a changing climate? Adaption and Resilience

Broadcast 19 October 2021

For Nature's Sake: COP26 webinar 3

In our third COP 26 webinar we will be discussing a pressing issue. What is our future in the face of a changing climate?

Speakers include Matthew Bird, Nick Grey and Henri Brocklebank

Carbon and Nature

Broadcast 14 October 2021

For Nature's Sake: COP26 webinar 2

In our second COP 26 webinar we will be focusing on carbon and nature. What are the challenges? Is tree planting the answer? What role do different landscapes including marine and coastal play?

Speakers include Matthew Bird, Dr Tony Whitbread, Julie Middleton and Dr Raymond Ward

What do we need COP26 to be?

Broadcast 07 October 2021

For Nature's Sake: COP26 webinar 1

In our first COP 26 webinar we will be joined by students from school climate initiatives in Brighton & Hove (Whole School, Whole City) and Lewes (Green United) who will set out their hopes and aspirations for the forthcoming Climate Conference and tell us about what they have been doing in their schools.

We will also be joined by Martin Meadows, a former civil servant with 25 years’ experience of working on climate change science and policy.

Kathryn Brown will be talking about how the Wildlife Trusts are responding to climate change challenges. Katheryn recently coordinated UK Climate Risk Assessment for the Climate Change Committee and has been seconded to the Wildlife Trusts as Climate Lead.

Helping Hedgehogs

Broadcast 23 September 2021

An online presentation by Charlotte Owen, Sussex Wildlife Trust’s WildCall Officer.

Everybody loves a hedgehog but when did you last see one? Britain’s favourite wild animal is now officially vulnerable to extinction – but gardens and other green spaces can be a real lifeline for them. In this illustrated talk, find out all about these spiny garden visitors and how to help them thrive in your neighbourhood.

This Sussex Wildlife Trust webinar has been organised by the Sussex Wildlife Trust Eastbourne members' group.

(please note there are some image quality issues with this recording)

Ghost Fishing

Broadcast 06 August 2021

Sussex Wildlife Trust's Wild Coast Sussex project is working with Ghost Fishing UK to remove nets, fishing gear and other marine debris that pose a threat to marine life off the Sussex Coast.

Join Nikki Hills (Sussex Wildlife Trust's Wild Coast Sussex project) and Christine Grosart (Ghost Fishing UK) to dive into the problem of 'Ghost Gear' and find out what we’re doing to remove this from the marine environment in Sussex, including footage from their recent dives on two wrecks off Brighton.

Ghost Fishing UK is a unique charity, made up of volunteer scuba divers who all use their free time to use their diving skills, cleaning up our oceans of lost fishing gear.

Sussex Kelp Restoration Project: Citizen Science Part One

Broadcast 26 July 2021

Join Sarah Ward (Living Seas Officer, Sussex Wildlife Trust) and Dr Ian Hendy (Marine Biology Course Leader, University of Portsmouth) for the first instalment of our two-part webinar series on getting involved with recording kelp in Sussex as a citizen scientist.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 13 ~ #30DaysWild Special ~

Broadcast 10 June 2021

As we head into summer join the Sussex Wildlife Trust team as we discuss what wildlife to look out for throughout June. We'll be looking at your photos and sightings too.

Nature Table LIVE will be taking a summer break and will return in the autumn.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 12 ~ Seaside Special ~

Broadcast 20 May 2021

In this month's episode the team are joined by their colleagues from the Wild Coast Sussex project and we dedicate the episode to the incredible wildlife that can be found on the beaches, in the rockpools or under the waves in Sussex.

An introduction to Birdsong

Broadcast 20 April 2021

It's spring and the air is full of song so join Mike Russell in finding out which birds are singing, what are they singing about, who are they singing to and who is listening.

Wildlife recording in Sussex and the work of Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre

Broadcast 15 April 2021

In this talk Clare Blencowe, manager of SxBRC and an enthusiastic biological recorder herself, will share some stories from the Sussex biological recording community, explain how you can get involved, and provide an overview of how this information is used in SxBRC’s services.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 11

Broadcast 13 April 2021

With spring in full swing Charlotte, Michael, James and Barry return with their monthly review of what wildlife has been seen across Sussex. In this episode we look at incoming migrant birds and Barry updates us with news from Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. There's also going to be some virtual birdwatching - so you'll need a pen and paper (and some binoculars if you have them). And Michael finally received the recognition he deserves.

Help Our Kelp: Rewilding the Sussex Kelp Forest

Broadcast 23 March 2021

Join Sarah Ward (Sussex Wildlife Trust) and Dr Ian Hendy (University of Portsmouth / Blue Marine Foundation) as we dive into the kelp forest and learn all about this amazing habitat, the animals that depend upon it and why it is vital that we act now to protect and restore it.

Kelp, the group of brown seaweeds that are capable of forming dense 'kelp forests', was once abundant along the West Sussex coastline. But this important habitat has diminished over time, leaving just a few small patches and individual plants, mostly in shallow water along the shoreline. Through the Help Our Kelp partnership, we want to bring it back!

Watch Help Our Kelp Q&A with Dr Ian Hendy and Sarah Ward, answering questions about the project that we weren't able to fit in the original webinar.

The Corona Wildlife Diaries: 100 Days of Wildlife in Lockdown

Broadcast 16 March 2021

On 16 March 2020 Michael Blencowe packed up his stapler and laptop as he was told that he'd be working from home for a bit. One year later and he's still there. 

 Join Michael as he looks back at the first 100 days of the pandemic restrictions and the wildlife he encountered and recorded in his popular Corona Wildlife Diaries on the Sussex Wildlife Trust website. Re-live the sights and sounds of the arrival of spring, the brave expeditions into the greenhouse and down into the depths of the garden pond, the foxes, hedgehogs, bee-flies, bats and brimstones. 

 As we follow Michael's back garden adventures we'll learn more about the wildlife to look out for in the coming months.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 10

Broadcast 04 March 2021

In episode 10 of our monthly round-up of your sightings and photos from the Sussex Wildlife Trust Nature Table . Plus: James looks at some spring birds and butterflies, Barry goes batty, Charlotte talks frog spawn and Michael hunts for Brown Hairstreak eggs.

Wild Coast Sussex: A Tour of our Marine Conservation Zone

Broadcast 25 February 2021

Some of our county's most incredible wildlife lies offshore and Sussex Wildlife Trust's Ella Garrud will be leading us on an underwater journey of discovery. During Ella's talk we'll be visiting some of our local Marine Conservation Zones and encountering seahorses, cuttlefish, black sea bream, beautiful sea slugs and many other wonderful marine creatures.

Guyana - The last true wilderness?

Broadcast 23 February 2021

Join Mike Russell as he takes us on a tour of this vibrant, wildlife-rich country seeking out colourful toucans, camouflaged potoos and the impressive river otter. We'll learn more about the country, its people, its wildlife and what Guyana is doing to tackle biodiversity loss and climate change.

The Hidden World within your Garden

Broadcast 19 February 2021

You don’t need to travel to far-flung jungles or the African plains to see some amazing animal behaviour. There are creatures here in your garden whose abilities and lives are just as impressive and fascinating as those of lions, jaguars and whales. Join James Duncan on his journey into the hidden world within your garden.

The Moths of Sussex

Broadcast 09 February 2021

Join Moth Expert, Michael Blencowe as he takes you on a journey into the weird and wonderful world of moths

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 9

Broadcast 04 February 2021

The Sussex Wildlife Team are back to talk about winter wildlife highlights from across the county inspired by your stories and photos. 

A Year at Rye Harbour: An Illustrated Talk by Dr Barry Yates

Broadcast 28 January 2021

Dr Barry Yates, warden of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, guides us through a whole year at Sussex Wildlife Trust's wildlife-rich coastal reserve. Let Barry lead you through the seasons and inspire you with some stories and photographs of some amazing animals and plants.

Across the Sahara

Broadcast 26 January 2021

“From Mountains to Desert – the highs and lows of an overland journey to West Africa”.

James Duncan shares how his adventure unfolded, showcasing some of the wildlife highlights, landscape and chaos encountered along the way.

Winter Birds in Sussex

Broadcast 21 January 2021

James Duncan talks about winter birds in Sussex.

Whilst winter may seem a quiet time for birds, the surprisingly mild and predictable conditions in Sussex make it extremely attractive to a whole host of migratory visitors.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 8

Broadcast 16 December 2020

The Sussex Wildlife Team are back to talk about winter wildlife highlights from across the county inspired by your stories and photos. 

Winter Thrushes

Broadcast 13 January 2021

James Duncan talks about the six species of thrush which can be found in the UK, some of which are resident, others migratory. Unfortunately all of them have seen a decline over the last half a century.

Join us for an online presentation to learn why winter’s such an important time for them, plus tips on identification in the field.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 7

Broadcast 16 December 2020

Join the Sussex Wildlife Team for the final Nature Table Live before we break for Christmas. James Duncan tells us whether any Waxwings have made it into Sussex, Charlotte recalls some of her more unusual WildCall enquiries and Barry reports from Rye Harbour.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 6

Broadcast 10 December 2020

Sorry, this episode is unavailable

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 5

Broadcast 3 December 2020

Join the Sussex Wildlife Team as we look back over the week and share your wildlife sightings and stories. Dr Barry Yates reports from Rye & James Duncan updates us on the Waxwing Forecast. Sarah Ward and Dr Sean Ashworth join us to talk about recent Bluefin Tuna sightings.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 4

Broadcast 27 November 2020

This week we share 4 Weird Woodcock Facts, Charlotte talks about birds and windows, Barry cycles past a Shore Lark and James photographs a Goosander. Michael becomes more confident with technology and invites Tony Cook, a frozen Woodcock and 8-year old Isla (our official bird namer) onto the webinar. We welcome John Arnott, Chichester Harbour volunteer who talks all about seals in Sussex.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 3

Broadcast 12 November 2020

Barry, James and Michael are joined this week by Sussex Wildlife Trust's Jess Price who helps us sort out our Polecats. Our Living Seas Officer Ella Garrud tells us some fascinating facts about teh Portuguese Man O' War and we welcome Mya Bambrick to the show - recent winner of the David Streeter Award for Natural History in Sussex. James keeps an eye on the sky and gives us a Waxwing Forecast.

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 2

Broadcast 12 November 2020

Nature Table LIVE: Episode 1

Broadcast 5 November 2020

Bird Charmer, part of the Brighton Early Music Festival

Join James Duncan, Learning & Engagement Officer, at Woods Mill, talking about Sussex birds, accompanied by music performed by recorder virtuoso (Red Priest) Piers Adams.