Heritage Crime, the Threats to our shared Heritage - Rye Harbour (27/04/24) Saturday, 27th April 2024 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Join us for a talk by Daryl Holter our local Heritage Crime Officer from Sussex Police

Synopsis by Officer Holter: “We have a choice to defend our heritage, past, present and future. Some take our past heritage for granted; some forget it is amongst our present. We walk on it, drive through it and fly over it. To many I have met it brings belief, understanding, feeling, depth, culture and emotion. Also a sense of community, ownership, tradition and belonging. It is tangible, it has mystery, it is constant and priceless. Our future generations should have the opportunity to rediscover, experience and interpret the old and the new. We are but custodians of a rich heritage and this heritage tells of our journey through the ages. But… When it falls victim to abuse it is the moral responsibility, of all of us, to protect our past and we must do this together. Together, as a group or family, we become a community. Communities watch over our heritage and likeminded communities stand together. Together we can preserve our past.”

Location: Rye Harbour Discovery Centre, Rye Harbour, TN31 7FW

Free event, but booking essential as places are limited

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Heritage Crime, the Threats to our shared Heritage - Rye Harbour (27/04/24)