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Teacher training: 'Oh no, we've got to go through it' Thursday, 21st January 2021 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Online training session for teachers in Sussex run in partnership with the University of Sussex

Using nature, stories and imagination to help children adapt to the uncertainties of Covid19, Climate Change and other issues.

Tutors: Perpetua Kirby, Rebecca Webb and  Katie Eberstein

We are living in uncertain times, which can lead to anxiety and fear. With the right support, uncertainties can generate curiosity, experimentation, care for ourselves and others. Such support helps to build the resilience to face different challenges throughout our lives, including the hope and recognition that we may be able to influence different outcomes.  

This session is for teachers and others working in informal education. It provides ideas that support children to attend to what is around them in new ways: to surface feelings and generate new questions and responses, including those that relate to their everyday lives, without an expectation for a ‘right’ answer. An emphasis will be given to the benefit of being outdoors, in nature, and will explore possibilities for a shared sense of place and purpose. It includes activities that support imagination and deliberation.

Key aims of session

  • To see nature, and a sense of place, as important tools to engage with uncertainties in our world today
  • To support teachers and children to engage with uncertainties, such as Covid19 and Climate Change, and generate a shared sense of hope to act.

How to book

Please email Katie Eberstein