Your Wildlife in 2022

, 29 December 2021
Your Wildlife in 2022
Stonechat in December

The start of the New Year is always an opportunity to begin a new project, perhaps a personal wildlife one. It might be writing, sketching, painting, photography, video or a combination.

You could:

  • Keep a wildlife diary and notice something every DAY, write a few words or take a photo.
  • Sketch the buds on the same branch every WEEK.
  • Take a photo once a MONTH of the same view, a favourite tree or a pond.

Notice the gradual change of the seasons in your garden, on your regular walk or even on your favourite nature reserve. On each walk you could list the flowers you see, or your first sightings of migrant birds, or the appearance of bumblebees, butterflies or hoverflies. If you have a favourite plant or animal watch it and count it carefully through the seasons.

And at the end of the year you will have learnt more about your natural world. You may have gathered enough material to write how what you saw changed with the seasons…. and perhaps how it changed you.

You could share your progress with friends, on social media, in a local paper, or start a blog and share with us. These are some of our favourite local wildlife blogs:

and then of course there’s our own Rye Harbour Nature Reserve blogs…

There are many friendly Facebook pages out there to help you in your wildlife watching and one of our favourites is the Sussex Wildlife Trust Nature Table:

Another route to learning more about wildlife is to join in with our Rye Harbour events on site at

or the Sussex Wildlife Trust online resources at

The wildlife year at Rye Harbour is summarised in monthly instalments here

Discover Rye Harbour Wildlife

This group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 2pm - 4pm.

We have been adapting to public health so sometimes we meet at the Discovery Centre, or online, or for a wildlife walk at the reserve.

We'll encourage wildlife observers to increase their enjoyment and understanding and perhaps become wildlife recorders. As an example Linda will be following Stonechats and David will be counting Little Grebes.

More detail at

Whatever 2022 has in store for us all why not make more time to observe and record your wildlife. 

We wish all our supporters a Happy New Year.

14 Little Grebes at Rye Harbour in October

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