Work for Good

, 17 June 2021
Work for Good

If you are a small business owner who wants to make a positive impact in your community, use your business for good, and raise awareness of a cause you care about, like local business Bella + Phoenix who are supporting Sussex Wildlife Trust through the Work for Good scheme.

Owner Debbie Turrell said “I knew when I was setting up Bella + Phoenix that I wanted to do good. Committing to donate to a charity with a percentage of company profits was the way I wanted to go - I just couldn’t work out the easiest way to do it. It was through Instagram that I first came across Work for Good. 

Setting yourself up on the Work for Good website takes about 15 minutes. You find the charity you want to donate to, decide the profits you wish to donate, then add your company details. I received a  helpful toolbox, which helped me to put the correct wording (for legal requirements) onto the Bella + Phoenix website. It was very simple!

Why Sussex Wildlife Trust? I was keen on supporting a local environmental or conservation charity as my brand is inspired by nature and aimed at children. Sussex Wildlife Trust ticks a lot of boxes, the geography as we all know here is unique, with the downs, woodland and coast line. The Trust's Nature Tots and Wildlife Watch groups are a great way for kids to learn new skills and experience nature. 

Living Seas is also a very exciting area of their work, protecting the seas for future generations. There’s a lot going on with Sussex Wildlife Trust and it excites me to think I can help a little bit by supporting them, because at the end of the day, we all benefit if we take care of nature.”

If you would like to support Sussex Wildlife Trust by donating money or a percentage from the sales of your products or services, it takes minutes to pledge a donation via our Work for Good page


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