Wildlife Courses and Walks in September 2016

30 August 2016 | Posted in Wildlife Events , Michael Blencowe
Wildlife Courses and Walks in September 2016
harvest mouse / Hugh Clark

By Michael Blencowe

The hot weather finally arrived in August with temperatures rising to over 30 degrees by the end of the month. Apart from a few downpours we were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine. However August can be a quiet month nature-wise. A lot of our birds have either already headed south or are certainly thinking about it. Birds are moulting their feathers and tend to keep quiet to not draw too much attention to themselves. As we head into September many birds become more visible as they gather to migrate or stock up on food in preparation for the long journey.

In recent years the hot, dry late summer weather has continued into September and we’re hoping that this trend continues as we’ve plenty of great events lined up for the month.

To start the month there’s a ‘Bramble Ramble at Rye Harbour on September 3rd where you can learn about the wildlife that depends on bramble and hopefully pick a few tasty blackberries. From the far southeast of the county we’ll be travelling to the far north-west with our ‘Bat’s on The Border’ event on 7th as we search for bats and other nocturnal wildlife on the Sussex border at Rake.

Laurie Jackson will be leading her popular ‘Ecology of the Hazel Dormouse’ course on September 8th. Come along and learn all about this elusive animal and you may even get a chance to meet one. We’ll be exploring our Woods Mill reserve on 9th as part of our member-only monthly Woods Mill Wander series.

There’s a walk around Warninglid on September 10th starting, and finishing, from The Half Moon Pub. With migration in full swing we’ll be walking along the Cuckmere Valley to the coast on 15th looking out for migrant birds and insects. The following day our event is far inland; a guided walk for meme around our beautiful reserve near Petworth; The Mens.

The Eastbourne Sussex Wildlife Trust group will be leading a walk around Arlington on September 22nd and on the 30th Laurie Jackson is delivering a course on another enigmatic mammal; the harvest mouse.

Throughout the month we’ll be holding a number of events aimed at young children; look out for Nature Tots and Wildlife Rangers events all across the county.

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