Wildlife Courses and Walks in November 2016

31 October 2016 | Posted in Wildlife Events
Wildlife Courses and Walks in November 2016
Fly agaric / Neil Hulme

October remained mild and dry. Local amateur meteorologist Crispin Holloway, along with his father John, have been recording the weather in their Lewes garden for decades. According to their records as we approached the end of the month October 2016 was looking to be the driest in over 30 years or more. This dry weather hasn’t really encouraged the emergence of fungi in our woodlands – although on some walks I led in October at Burton Mill Pond and we still encountered a whole range of brackets, blushers, bonnets and boletes. If November is wet head into your local woodlands and look out for some of these fantastic, beautiful species.

In November there are plenty of events – both outdoors and indoors – aimed at helping you learn more about wildlife.

On 6 November there is the chance to explore our Rye Harbour reserve and learn more about the wintering wildfowl and waders here.

Our Members-only talk this month is all about wildlife recording. Clare Blencowe of the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre at Woods Mill will be talking about the work of the team here and giving you information on how your wildlife observations can make a difference.

On 12 November we have our Annual Members Meeting in Shoreham. This year our speaker is author and naturalist Simon Barnes . If it is anything like his excellent books Simon’s talk entitled ‘A Natural Mistake: Making up for 3,000 years of human error’ is bound to be engaging and thought provoking.

Also on 12 November there is a walk along the South Downs starting at Devil’s Dyke and a chance to explore The Deneway in Brighton.

On 17 November the Eastbourne Group are hosting talk by bee expert Prof. Dave Goulson. Prof. Goulson will talk about the importance of bumblebees, the causes of the many problems they face in the modern world and what we can all do to help these endearing creatures have a future.

Over at Winchelsea on 19 November there is a talk about the ‘Wildflowers of Crete’ and in Chichester on 29th there is a talk entitled ‘Muck Diving in Lembeh’. I’m not sure what that’s about – you’ll have to go along and find out!

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