Wild Winter

21 December 2017
Wild Winter
Chris Mole

By Paula da Luz

Nature Tots Leader

Before you give in to hot toddies by the fire, RESIST!!

Wintertime is spellbinding, the magicians have arrived!

It’s the grand finale of the year, bring on the razzle-dazzle of bullfinches, blue tits and goldcrests. They’ve waited all year to be revealed by the fallen leaves and amaze you with their colours. Ever wandered through the wintery woods and been astonished by scarlet elf cups? Does there need to be more proof that magic exists? I’m sure
they weren’t there yesterday.

What’s that? Did you just see a wren fly through some bare branches? You won’t see her again, she’s mastered her ‘vanishing act’. There’s plenty more winter wizardry out there, waiting to be discovered. Silent barn owls that sweep across empty fields in broad daylight, what tricksters! Crows’ nests absurdly balancing on scanty treetops in prevailing winds, an unlikely aerial stunt. Become totally hypnotised by falling snowflakes. Crack a frozen puddle on a frosty morning and you can hold water between finger and thumb without losing a drop…

Discover your own wild winter… be it fox prints across the snow, a leaf skeleton pivoting on a glistening web or even a frozen slug, miraculously revived in the warmth of your hand. But you have to be out there in our magical land to experience all the wonder - Quick! Get those boots on!

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