Why we decided to remember Sussex Wildlife Trust in our wills

, 08 September 2021
Why we decided to remember Sussex Wildlife Trust in our wills
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By Mike and Jenny
Legacy Pledgers

We both support a number of charities, but when we started thinking about leaving a gift in our wills we wanted to make sure that we could do something to make a real, long-lasting difference for a cause we particularly cared about. That’s why we chose to leave a legacy to the Sussex Wildlife Trust.

It’s easy to become rather despondent about the present day challenges to the beauty and diversity of the natural world around us – climate change, pesticides, habitat losses, extinctions etc. However, the Trust counter-balances such pessimism through all the work they do. They make such a big difference, not just by preserving habitats but by educating future generations about the natural world. After all, the young people of today will be the policy decision makers of tomorrow.

We value the Sussex Wildlife Trust’s work as they take a pragmatic and scientific approach. If a species is in decline, the Trust plays an important role in letting people know the underlying factors. An example is highlighting the need for corridors of land between areas of conservation – corridors that can be as simple as roadside verges or our own gardens - enabling many species to move around over wider areas.

Sussex is a particularly special county as it has a very important and unique habitat, the South Downs. Across the county there are so many areas of countryside that are of tremendous value for people to observe wildlife and connect with their natural environment. By making a legacy gift, we are making sure that the landscapes and habitats we love today will continue to be there for future generations to enjoy. Obviously it’s only a finite amount of money, but we both feel we’re making some contribution to the future.

To anyone considering a charity to which to leave a legacy, we would say think about how you would like the world to be when you’re no longer around. If you can leave money to a charity that will carry on the activities and promote the principles that you support, then you can be sure you’ll be making a difference. It’s particularly comforting to know that we will still be helping to support a cause we love when we are no longer here to do it in person!


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