What you can do for wildlife in winter

29 November 2020 | Posted in Wildlife Garden , Charlotte Owen
What you can do for wildlife in winter
Coal tit and blue tits feeding on fat ball ©Alan Price

By Charlotte Owen

WildCall Officer

  • Plant a native hedgerow to provide birds and small mammals with shelter, nesting opportunities and a winter buffet of berries. Include a mix of elder, hawthorn, blackthorn, wild rose, crab apple, holly and hazel
  • Feed the birds: it takes a lot of energy for small birds to keep themselves warm, so provide plenty of high-calorie options like peanuts and suet blocks. Blackbirds and thrushes will welcome halved apples and soaked raisins
  • Put up a nest box ready for spring: choose one made of thick wood or Woodcrete so that it’s waterproof and well insulated, and position it in a sheltered location
  • Provide fresh water: when it’s cold enough to freeze, fresh water is locked away under the ice. A small dish or birdbath will be appreciated by a wide range of thirsty wildlife – remember to keep it topped up and remove or thaw out any ice that forms

Starling Drinking at Birdbath©Dennis HuntSussex Wildlife Trust

Starling drinking at birdbath ©Dennis Hunt

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