Warren Hill revisited

24 August 2016 | Posted in Birds , Insects , Plants
Warren Hill revisited
Clouded Yellow

Following the Eastbourne Group's lovely walk at Warren Hill last week, Sue and I decided to go back again to have another look at the wonderful downland flowers and were not disappointed - there were even more Devil's-bit Scabious in flower this time and we also found Musk Mallow.

The Spotted Flycatchers were still there in good numbers (photo of one of them below) together with Common Whitethoats and a reasonable number of Common Redstarts which were very obliging and we were able to watch these closely for about 15 minutes.

The highlight for us this time however was the number of Clouded Yellow butterflies we found - the first time we have seen them this year. We saw about 15 in total with the first ones being seen only a short distance from the lay-by car park.

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