Three ways to help thirsty wildlife during hot weather

, 23 July 2019
Three ways to help thirsty wildlife during hot weather
Thirsty Badger © Jeremy Early

By Charlotte Owen

WildCall Officer

Garden wildlife can struggle when the weather gets hot, here are some simple actions you can take to help them this summer

#1: Put fresh water in the same place each time and in the shade if possible (but not under trees if you have cats). Top up during the day & refill in the evening to help the nocturnal visitors.

#2: Dustbin lids and terra cotta plant saucers make idea water containers but if those aren't readily to hand then anything that can hold water will do.

Try to put a stone or small rock into the water as this will not only provide a perching point if needed but will also stabilise the container. A rock in the water can also be a life saver for any insects such as bumblebees that may fall in as they can clamber out this way.

#3: Remember to clean out the container regularly as water can easily become contaminated with faeces and old food.

Alternatively if you have space, why not dig a wildlife pond (visit: This will provide water for wildlife all year round.

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