"The Wonder of the Day"

26 October 2015

This merveille du jour moth was photographed this morning on The White Hart hotel in Lewes High Street by Jon Tooley. These moths are found across Sussex in the autumn especially around woodlands where their caterpillars feed on oak leaves. Hotel walls are not a typical habitat for this moth but it's certainly doing its best to blend in.

During the day they typically rest on lichen on trees where their elaborate pattern and subtle green shading allow them to turn invisible against their background. Here's a photo I took of a merveille du jour a few year's back in West Sussex.


  • Kevin Lerwill:

    05 Nov 2015 08:52:03

    My favourite moth species…Love the camouflage!

  • Ellie:

    13 Nov 2015 12:14:58

    I first saw this moth when my sharp-sighted daughter (aged about 8) spotted it on a birch tree in The Mens, on a Watch outing. No-one else could see it for ages!

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