The policy production line

25 July 2018 | Posted in Conservation , Henri Brocklebank
The policy production line
oak seedling © Alan Price / Gatehouse Studios

By Henri Brocklebank

Director - Conservation Policy

Events continue to move quickly, and last week, on Twitter, the Prime Minister announced for the first time that the Government would be introducing an ambitious Environment Bill.  Previously the commitment had been to an ‘Environmental Principles and Governance Bill’. This is great news and something the Wildlife Trusts welcome. Defra is currently consulting over the latter and it would create a new green watchdog and embed environmental principles in domestic law.   Currently both may be limited to England. 

Our e-action response to this consultation chimes with last week’s announcement, calling for the Government to be bolder and use this Bill to set England on the way to nature’s recovery.    

Now is therefore a crucial time to ensure we get as many responses to this consultation as possible and let the PM know this new Bill needs to be
stronger and not just fill the gaps left by Brexit. 

It seems like there are huge amounts of e petitions and letters to write at the moment, but to be fair there has never been this much environmental decision making happen simultaneously!  We have just received the new National Planning Policy Framework and thanks to the hard work of the Wildlife Trusts, backed by over 20,000 signatures we see that Local Wildlife Sites are back where they should be, embedded into our planning legislation - Phew!!

So Petitions are worth the effort, and I thank you in advance for taking the time to show our decision makers that you care.

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