Summer Plans, make sure you don't miss out

, 19 July 2021
Summer Plans, make sure you don't miss out
Sam Roberts / Nigel Symington

By Laura Brook

Conservation Officer

As we hurtle towards the summer holidays things are certainly hotting up, but this heat is not just coming from the sun but from the sheer amount of opportunities to get involved and give a voice to wildlife. Getting nature to the top of the agenda in Sussex, as more plans and schemes emerge shaping the future of Sussex, is vitally important. Especially when the level of development proposed could be having a big impact.

The Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Conservation Policy Team are currently working on two important public consultations. Laura Brook, Conservation Officer wants you to know about about how you can get involved and stand up for wildlife right now. 

Rampion 2

The proposed Wind Farm extension and supporting infrastructure will span both marine and terrestrial environments and is looking to deliver up to 116 new turbines out at sea. A consultation has just opened relating to its Preliminary Ecological Information Report. The consultation will run for nine weeks from 14 July to 16 September 2021.

Sussex Wildlife Trust will be using our expertise to feedback comments on both the marine and terrestrial aspects of the proposals to ensure that commitment and actions for biodiversity are clear and being progressed. We support action to tackle climate change, but given the huge declines in biodiversity in recent year, this must not be at the expense of the valuable wildlife we still have.

Now is the time for your input, if there is an area within the scheme you know well or feel that the project has failed to recognise the true biodiversity value of, now is your opportunity to make that known. To find out more about the consultation and be directed to the relevant information visit our updated Rampion 2 webpage.

Lewes Local Plan

The second consultation we want you to know about is the Lewes Local Plan Issues and Options document. This consultation marks the second step of the Lewes Local Plan refresh and is an important time to get involved.

The council is inviting comments on the issues that the local plan needs to address and the different options for how the area could change in the future. These include questions on how housing growth should be accommodated, what infrastructure should be prioritised and how the plan can tackle climate change. The consultation opened on 9 July and will run for eight weeks before closing at 5pm on 3 September 2021.

Sussex Wildlife Trust will be looking at how biodiversity and climate change are being addressed by the plan and if the plan is being ambitious enough for the environment given the challenges ahead. We will publish our comments as soon as we can. You can find out more about the consultation and how to comment by heading directly to their webpages

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  • i am TOTALLY AGAINST more turbines it’s just going to ruin the protected sea area … they look ghastly … all the lights at night are horrible they dont give enough benefit for what they give … bring in motorway spinning turbines for energy NOT more sea turbines!!!

    20 Jul 2021 19:37:00