Stunning Stanmer

Stunning Stanmer
marbled white / Paul Gorringe

By Huw Morgan

People and Wildlife Officer - Brighton

Over the years the Sussex Wildlife Trust have used a site in the Stanmer Organics area of Stanmer Park for a wide range of activities, working with a huge number of different groups. After a recent sunny session with volunteers on the site I was struck by how wonderful the place was looking and how working with volunteers such as the Youth Rangers or the adults on the Growing Forward project has allowed a real increase in the biodiversity of the site.

From planting hundreds of locally sourced native wildflowers such as harebell, dropwort and scabious to enhance the meadow area and encourage bees, butterflies and other invertebrates to visit the site to creating several marsh areas much loved by damselflies, the conservation value of the work done by volunteer groups has been huge. Many of these groups have never done any conservation work before and it’s been great to see the massive impact simple activities can have on the local environment.

The site is alive with marbled white and painted lady at the moment enjoying the thistles and knapweed. Bees are busy around the vipers bugloss and newt tadpoles are growing and developing in pond. The hedgerow, planted with the Growing Forward project, is developing well with a healthy mix of maple, spindle, wayfarer and hawthorn all looking good.

The pond is fringed with majestic purple loosestrife and bursting with life following on from a winter clearing with volunteers. There’s loads of activities coming up over the summer months on the plot but if you’d just to have a look around drop me a line on and come and enjoy this gorgeous little corner of Stanmer Park.

Find out more about the Wild about Brighton community wildlife project.


  • Jacqueline Lambert:

    20 May 2017 09:55:46

    Have noticed your plot while been at Stanmer and would like to visit and join in as have lots of interests in wildlife.I work in week normally so only around weekends.
    I have no transport and so rely on public transport ( I know buses go to stanmer at weekends or to the gate )..but it sometimes prevents going to other sites and activities in the past put on by sussex wildlife.
    Be good up hear from you

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