Step away from the desk

10 May 2016 | Posted in Amanda Reeves
Step away from the desk
Crab spider / Michael Blencowe

Amanda Reeves

Communication Manager

I’ve been meaning to do it for weeks. I’ve talked about it a lot and today I finally did it. I stepped away from my desk and went for a lunchtime walk around the nature reserve at Woods Mill. I was in great company as some of my colleagues had the same idea and walking with them I was amazed at just how much there is to see when you stop, look and listen.

Michael started the ball rolling talking about long tail tits and pointed out a nest where the parent birds were busily flitting to and fro feeding their chicks. I saw two grass snakes during this half an hour stroll – both in the water at different points on the reserve. One was fully visible with its body under the water and its head poking up above the water line. And never forget to look up. We saw the wonderful spectacle of a red kite being mobbed by jackdaws.

The joy of walking with colleagues is their fantastic knowledge and their willingness to share. I chased a bee and then studied green woodpecker poo with Tom, had Laura explain it was toad tadpoles I was looking at and how to identify them from frogs and eagled eyed Bob found a broad bodied chaser exuvium hanging from a nettle – never seen one of those outside a photograph before.

My favourite sighting was strangely a spider – while the red kite was majestic, the grass snakes fascinating and the sounds of a distant cuckoo reminiscent of almost forgotten childhood days, the white crab spider held my attention longest.

Just one walk has inspired me to take part in Sussex Wildlife Trusts 30DaysWild in June – the challenge is to do something wild every day for the 30 days of June.

If you’d like to take up the challenge sign up to receive a free wallchart and other goodies at:

Toad tadpoles

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