Smarter transport solutions

11 October 2018 | Posted in Transport , Henri Brocklebank
Smarter transport solutions

By Henri Brocklebank

Director of Conservation Policy

Sussex Wildlife Trust and our partners on the South Coast Alliance for Transport and the Environment (SCATE) have been highlighting the issues around road building on the South Coast.  In doing so we have been challenging the Arundel bypass proposals and seeking less damaging options, we have also this week, challenged new road proposals in the Wealden District Local plan.  As a Wildlife Trust our position always comes first and foremost to threats to the natural environment ( Habitat destruction, fragmentation, displacement or destruction of protected species, noise and light pollution). 

In light of Monday’s IPCC publication, clarifying the catastrophic risk of not making dramatic cuts to our carbon emissions, our calls for halting the Arundel bypass proposals and those for a new road running from Lewes to Polegate, seem extremely pertinent.  We all want a thriving economy and we all want congestion to be eased and air pollution reduced.  We all NEED carbon emissions to be reduced.  Without a doubt this means fast action by our leaders to stimulate societal change out of our cars and into more sustainable forms of transport, encouraging more sustainable paradigms of employment and consumption.

SCATE's messages are simple and straightforward and are brilliantly explained in this three minute animation.  Please enjoy and share.

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