Rye Harbour Seals

, 09 January 2022
Rye Harbour Seals
Tagged Harbour Seal / Tony Ham

We have two species of seal at Rye Harbour and generally the Grey Seal is in the open sea and the Harbour Seal is in the river and these have recently increased to about 12 individuals. A few years ago it was unusual to see more than 1 !

Last November local photographer Tony Ham was able to read the flipper tags on two of the seals and it's interesting to know where they came from.

C-3PO - the lighter one on the left, was released by RSPCA - Mallydams Wood on the 4th December 2020. She was from the local area, incredibly small and underweight and also had an eye injury.

528 -  came from Centre de Soins de la Faune Sauvage LPA de Calais and she was picked up on 27th August  2020 in Bray Dunes near Dunkirk with a weight of 10kg and was released on 6th November 2020 on the Sangatte beach near Calais with a weight of 30 kgs.

The release site and re-sighting location of 528.

Thanks to Tony for spotting the tags, reading them, finding out where they came from and letting us know. This is the value of wildlife recording and adds to our knowledge of our local wildlife.

If you want to know how to separate the two species click here for a leaflet that explains.

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