Reserves week - Woods Mill update

20 July 2021 | Posted in Guest blogger , Woods Mill
Reserves week - Woods Mill update
Woods Mill Nature Reserve lake © Richard Cobden

Steve Tillman

Reserves Manager

Woods Mill may look a little untidy because of our lack of volunteers for a while, but you can still see and hear a range of plants and animals as you walk round. Banded and Beautiful Demoiselle damselflies are in full flight, often seen sitting on a tree leaf waiting for its next lunch, and Chiffchaff singing across the whole of the reserve in competition with the soft Turtle Dove.

Beautiful demoiselle Paul Marten

Beautiful Demoiselle © Paul Marten

In Mill Ditch Field. our meadow restoration is looking a treat with mauve Betony following the line of our seed sowings. You can see the old husk of Yellow Rattle a plant that has enable this restoration to take place.


Walking through East Low Meads you may come across our Dexter cattle working hard to maintain the grassland as part of our river restoration project. 

Cattle are an important part of the team across so many of our nature reserves. 


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  • C Ellis:

    01 Aug 2021 06:49:00

    We visited yesterday. The paths are so overgrown with stinging nettles we have been left with hot itchy lumps on our legs (and I was wearing leggings!) It was quite stressful with a 3 year old as we had to carry him whilst dodging them. Hoping they are cut back somewhat before we visit again.

    ANSWER Thank you for your comment. Sorry it was stressful for you. Obviously we haven't had our usual amazing volunteers during Covid, and we still only have them in small numbers. It is taking time to restore order to the paths of reserves, Reserve Manager Steve Tillman says: "Currently, a small group of volunteers are working half days on a Friday. They will resume longer hours in the coming weeks. We have made small inroads cutting back paths and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. We hope over the winter period we will have caught up with path work and habitats management. However the nettle grow quicker than we can cut them sometimes." We'd advise that it's best to wear trousers and stout shoes. The paths have also been muddy all summer because of the strange, wet weather this year, which has also made the vegetation grow very quickly.
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