Pokémon spotted at Woods Mill

, 19 July 2016
Pokémon spotted at Woods Mill
Weedle at Woods Mill

By Richard Cobden

Digital Media Officer

Just in time for the start of the summer holidays, Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Woods Mill nature reserve near Henfield has had its first sightings of Pokémon.

The new Pokémon Go outside game enables children (and adults) to search for Pokémon characters in different locations using augmented reality technology on their smartphones.

Woods Mill has lots of Poke-stops around the nature trail and even a Pokémon Gym in our wildlife garden. The different habitats at the reserve means lots of different Pokémon could be found there, even the chance to see a water Pokémon on the lake. I was lucky enough to catch a weedle on the Mill wheel!

The Pokémon game has its roots in watching wildlife as it developed from the Japanese tradition of collecting insects.

Players are encouraged to explore the reserve and it is a fun way to get outside this summer. Remember to play safe, stay on the paths and watch where you are walking as well as taking time to spot the real wildlife too. We would love to see any Pokémon you catch on our nature reserves, so please share them with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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