No more plastic

, 22 October 2018
No more plastic

By Debbie Chalmers

Membership Development Manager

Members of the Sussex Wildlife Trust will no longer receive their magazine wrapped in plastic. Magazines now arrive in a paper envelope (no plastic window) as part of Sussex Wildlife Trust’s on-going campaign to protect marine life in our oceans.

And the response has been great. Members have been in touch to applaud our efforts to find alternatives to the clear plastic envelopes we have been using. The paper envelopes can be overprinted with the stunning front cover image of the magazines, making them a stand out delivery as they drop though our members' letterboxes.

I am delighted we have been able to stop using plastic. The strength of the packing was an important issue, and at first we considered using compostable plastic, but not everyone has compost facilities, and it can break down before delivery if it gets wet. So what we came up with was an envelope with the magazine cover image overprinted onto it and our members are delighted.

Plastic wrapping has also traditionally been used for family membership packs, which contain two folders and need to be even more robust. Communications Officer Sam Roberts has designed a clever, gusseted paper envelope, which is perfect and will be used from the end of October.

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