Natural cleaning tips

21 May 2017
Natural cleaning tips

Stephanie from Expert Home Tips is a big fan of natural cleaning. She’s sharing 5 of her favourite natural cleaning solutions so you can start being more environmentally friendly in your home today.

Are you putting the environment first when it comes to cleaning your home?

When we wash shop-bought cleaning products down our drains, we risk sending harmful chemicals into the environment.

Although the UK government works hard to make water treatment plants as effective as possible to remove these, some chemicals remain. These are released into streams, rivers and the sea, causing havoc for any wildlife living there.

In order to have a clean cleaning conscience, natural, homemade products are the best way to go. Not only do they contain no nasties, but they are also cheap and surprisingly effective!

Here are five great natural cleaning solutions you can start using today:

1.Use Coconut oil to polish wooden furniture

Coconut oil has taken the foodie world by storm over recent years, but its benefits don’t end there.

Rub coconut oil onto a cleaning cloth and use it as you would polish to shine wooden surfaces. It will add a gleam to oak tables, beech chairs and pine wardrobes.

Best of all, it’s 100% natural!

2.Lemon is a great limescale-remover

Limescale can be so stubborn – it’s no surprise we think strong cleaning products are the best solution.

These may work, but they’re very harmful to the environment. A natural (and surprising) solution that works just as well is lemon.

Rub half a lemon over limescaled areas and leave for an hour. The acidity will work it’s magic and you’ll be left with gleaming surfaces when you wipe over with a cloth.

3.Shine stainless steel surfaces using olive oil
Dull stainless steel? A cooking ingredient will soon bring it back to life.

100% natural and environmentally friendly olive oil is the secret the gleaming surfaces. Make sure they’re clean first, then add a small amount olive oil to a soft cloth and use in circular motions to buff surfaces.

They’ll be so shiny, your smiling face will be reflected back at you!

4.White vinegar will wash away toilet bowl stains

Dirty toilet bowls often have us grabbing for the strongest cleaner in sight. There’s really no need for harsh chemicals though, especially if you have a bottle of white vinegar in your cupboard.

Pour two cups into your toilet bowl and leave for 30 minutes before scrubbing and flushing. It will leave everything looking and smelling fresh. Plus, it won’t harm the environment.

5.Clean a stained oven door with bicarbonate of soda

We love bicarbonate of soda here at Expert Home Tips. Its effective at cleaning so many things. One of its most impressive capabilities is removing stains and splashes from oven doors.

It’s a job most of us dread, but with bicarb it’s much easier. Here’s how:

  1. Mix 3 parts bicarbonate of soda to 1 part warm water to form a paste
  2. Warm the oven then switch off
  3. Wipe the glass with a damp cloth
  4. Spread the past on both sides of the oven door
  5. Leave for 2-3 hours until the paste turns brown
  6. Wipe both sides with a damp sponge cloth
  7. Use a plastic car scraper to remove any excess

With such easy ways to get amazing results using natural cleaning products, there’s no excuse to turn to nasty chemicals again.

Keep the environment as clean as your home, and go natural today!

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