Moths and Bats at The Priory

28 July 2015
Moths and Bats at The Priory

I was invited to arrange a nocturnal wildlife event at the Priory School. The evening started with an illustrated presentation about moths and bats - and a tall tale about my search for scarlet tiger moths in Sussex. Then, with daylight rapidly fading, we headed out around the school. There was certainly plenty of people out tonight - over 70. It was a clear, cool night - not ideal for moth trapping and, as a result, we didn't attract many moths to the moth trap although an impressive oak eggar and canary shouldered thorn were crowd-pleasers.

Oak Eggar

Canary-shouldered thorn.

The real stars of the show tonight were the bats. The children armed with bat detectors patrolled the school grounds and soon we found common pipistrelles as they hunted in the night. They appeared to be flying laps around the running track! The children also helped me set up a night-vision camera and in the morning we played back the recording and watched a fox and a hedgehog tucking into the left overs from my chicken sandwich I had used as bait. Thanks to everyone who came along and especially to those who helped with the organisation.

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