Moth trapping at Eridge Rocks

21 July 2017 | Posted in Eridge Rocks
Moth trapping at Eridge Rocks
chocolate tip moth / Dave Green

By Alice Parfit

Reserves Manager

A recent moth trapping session at Eridge Rocks turned up a nice selection of moths with over 120 species recorded. Surprisingly nearly half of these hadn’t been recorded from the nature reserve before. Highlights included several notable species such as olive crescent, waved carpet, great oak beauty and festoon. A single white-line snout was also recorded and it’s always good to see chocolate-tip and scalloped hook-tip. It was also interesting to see one of the copper underwing species making use of an old woodpecker hole.

The froghopper Ledra aurita with its amazing ear like projections was spotted on a wooden noticeboard and we were entertained by three just fledged tawny owl chicks sitting out in the open.

scalloped hook-tip / Dave Green

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