Moth Night at Ringmer Community Orchard

, 07 August 2015
Moth Night at Ringmer Community Orchard

It was a clear night in the orchard tonight - not ideal for moths (I could have done with more clouds and a bit of drizzle) but certainly ideal for people. It was a warm evening and, before the sun set, we had the chance to explore the orchard which has really developed into a lovely site since this project started. A moth trap was set up and we gathered around and waited for the moths to arrive - it was a slow night but there was still plenty to see. There's a full list of the moths recorded below but the highlights for many people were the intricately marked black arches and the shining, metallic marked gold spot.

Gold spot

Black arches

Moths recorded:

Flame Shoulder

Gold Spot

Black Arches

Large Yellow Underwing

Peppered Moth

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

Dark Arches

Common Wainscot

Twin-spotted Wainscot

Poplar Kitten



Riband Wave

Rosy Footman

Mottled Beauty

Straw Dot

Ruby Tiger

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