Interview with Sussex Wildlife Trust Business Member Jinny

, 09 June 2022
Interview with Sussex Wildlife Trust Business Member Jinny
Jin © Miles Davies

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a graphic designer and small business owner based in Hove. I’ve created a range of animals and birds to feature on homeware and gifts which I sell through my business, Jin Designs. 

My focus is clean, simple designs and trying to bring out sustainably sourced products, usually made in the UK. When I’m not designing I am often outdoors, running, cycling or walking around my local area. This is where I get my inspiration. The best way to come up with new ideas is to get away from the desktop and step into nature. It works for me anyway!

How did you come across trundl and become involved with Sussex Wildlife Trust?

A few months ago, via a chance meeting on Hove seafront with one of my Instagram friends. She told me about trundl and what they were doing to try and improve the health of the nation whilst raising money for charity. I thought it was a fabulous idea, went home and downloaded the app and started trundling too. It was through trundl that I discovered Sussex Wildlife Trust as one of their chosen charities. 

I have lived in Sussex for over 12 years but hadn't been aware of the work that the trust has been doing. I’m now proud to be a Sussex Wildlife Trust Business Member - something that I don’t think would have happened if it hadn’t have been for trundl. There have been some really valuable connections for me through trundl and I’m sure this will continue.

Jen and Jinny
Jinny (right) with partner Jen © Miles Davies

What do you like about trundl and how does it fit with your work and lifestyle?

I like trundl because it encourages me to get out more during the day and exercise knowing that I can help with charity fundraising at the same time. There are some really important charities that trundl is aiming to help - including Sussex Wildlife Trust - but also Move Against Cancer and Dogs for Autism. I like that fact that I can help with a variety of charities. I’m also learning a lot more about what the charities do.

I spend a lot of time on my own as I work from home. I find trundl has given me an incentive to get outside, particularly when I’m busy - as those are the times you need to be more disciplined at stepping away. I like the community feel of trundl and it is very good at sending motivation when you need it, with updates on how we are doing and how far we need to walk to reach the latest goal. It’s something enjoyable, that I can do at my own pace, it’s non-competitive and it fits around my lifestyle.

Where do you usually walk?

Along the Hove seafront as it's close to me, but at weekends, I head to the Downs. I am lucky it’s only 10 minutes away and I'm in nature. I’ll never take that for granted.

What do you enjoy when you’re out and about?

The sounds of wildlife mainly, birds and insects going about their daily life. You don’t realise how little nature there is when you live in a built-up area. Or that it’s drowned out with traffic noise. I hear the seagulls but not other birds. The other thing I notice is the colour green! Again, we are lucky to live by the sea but I love the green fields too and you don’t see them too much in Brighton and Hove. Early morning, sometimes you might be lucky enough to spot a rabbit or fox - and one time an Emu which happened to chase me along a path at Devil’s Dyke - but let’s not go there as it was a bit traumatic!

Probably the most important thing I enjoy when I’m out and about is actually coming home. I usually feel a lot better, lighter, focused, more calm and ready to face the rest of the day.

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