In my garden

29 March 2020 | Posted in Wildlife Garden
In my garden

Katie Parker

Schools Officer

In my garden: Alone but never lonely

I’ve always known I love gardening ever since I used to ‘help’ my Granny and Grandpa when I was a little girl.

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The first thing I like to do at this time of year is to take a walk around and look to see what is growing, and what survived the winter. It is always a joy to see the flowers of the springtime bulbs bobbing about in the breeze and the first new leaves on the blackberry bushes.

Despite having lots of jobs to do like emptying the compost bin onto the vegetable beds and cleaning the patio I get distracted and begin to deadhead the old seed-heads from last year. It’s always a good idea to leave as much vegetation through the winter months to give a home to the overwintering creepy crawlies that like to hide in hollow stems, and if you are lucky birds like the goldfinch will often come down to visit to collect the last of the seeds.

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Once my hands are full of dried stems and pods I know it’s time to head back to the shed and get my gloves and secateurs out ready for the hard work to begin. My favourite area to tend to in the garden is the herb bed. It really is an assault on the senses as I brush past the mint patch and lavender bush and their sweet aromas fill the air. Suddenly there is a low buzzing in my ear as a huge bumblebee drones past, waking up from it’s winter’s sleep in search of a drink of nectar. I imagine it must be like having a Chinook helicopter fly past for all the other small creatures in the garden.

As I use my trowel to dig out some of the more unwanted plants in the vegetable beds I begin to feel a sense of guilt… these are the true heroes of the garden who have survived the drudgery of all that incessant wind and rain. But they should feel proud as they make way for their tastier cousins.

I also find myself apologising as I disturb the sleepy ladybirds and the bright green caterpillars as I go about my work. The robin and the blackbird peer at me with their beady eyes waiting for me to go indoors so they can have a feast. Although I’m muttering away to myself I like to think at least the worms are listening to me…

Seeds planted and tools cleaned it’s time to sit down and enjoy the glorious sunshine.

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