How to help wildlife in extremely hot weather

12 August 2020 | Posted in Emma Chaplin , Wildlife
How to help wildlife in extremely hot weather
Bird bath for House sparrows © Alan Price

With such prolonged period of high temperatures, we've put together a list of some things you can do to help wildlife

Add shade to your garden 

Many animals seek shade during hot periods, just as humans do. A good way to help them is by creating a shaded area in your garden so they can cool off. Tall grass is good as are slabs and rockeries. Maybe make a pile of branches where it's shady to help smaller animals as well. 

Create a birdbath

Providing a bird bath is a great way to help birds. If you have a garden, put out a washing up bowl filled with water so birds can clean their feathers and then fly away to dry off. If you've got one, keep it topped up. Top up your bird feeders too.

Put out a shallow dish of water for other thirsty animals 

Foxes, hedgehogs and other animals will really appreciate it. Keep it topped up and place a small stone in the middle for insects to land on. 

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