Hedgehog Award

, 23 March 2021
Hedgehog Award
Aila filling garden bird feeders © Helen Forester

By Sue Curnock

Community and Wildlife team

The Hedgehog Award is a simple fun way for children of all ages to earn an award while exploring nature and learning new skills. It’s a perfect project for the Easter break.

There are four simple steps for children to take to earn their certificate. They can give local wildlife a helping hand – maybe make a bird feeder, build a bug hotel or make sure there is a supply of fresh water available for birds and other wildlife in the garden or your outside space.

They can take inspiration from the wildlife they see to make pictures or maybe even a mud monster with twigs for hair!

Encourage them to see how many different bugs, beetles and birds they can find. We have spotter sheets to help with identification on our website.

Or maybe ask them to become wildlife detectives and take a closer look at nature –perhaps they could create their own nature table from natural materials or take photos of creatures they discover and then find out more about their lives.

Six year old Aila won her Hedgehog Award last year. She said, ‘I enjoyed doing my Hedgehog Award because I learnt lots about nature when we went out looking for bees and butterflies in the summer and made lots of things like our mini wildlife garden and butterfly feeders. I love my certificate too!’

You don’t need any special equipment and it’s up to them which activities they would like to do.

For more information and to download activity ideas or spotter sheets to get you started, visit:



Hedgehog award badge and certificate © Emma Bradshaw

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